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Deskot Solutions is a dynamic, flexible and ever-growing company that provides a set of distinctive services consistent with the highest performance standards. Since 1959 and until today, the company has never ceased to respond to the most specialized requirements and create happy customers. Mr. Demosthenes Leonidou, a pioneer in the field of customs procedures since 1959, has identified needs, established rights and created a fertile ground for further favorable developments in the import and export of products. He set the foundations for today’s Deskot, which of course has evolved with continuous innovation, modern expertise, advanced technologies and experienced staff leading to one and only result: fully satisfied customers. That’s why Deskot is traditionally … ahead of its time.


Reliability, trust, dedication, ethics, high quality, consistency, efficiency, continual improvement … these are not just a few more words, but the axes on which the entire Deskot Solutions family operates consistently from its first day of operation to the present time. Every day, for every customer! This is who Deskot manages to create long-lasting Relationships and Collaborations with customers, suppliers, partners and agents. Because in Deskot Solutions, we want and we can ensure our business success and sustainable development through our customers.
The Basic Values on which the philosophy of DESKOT SOLUTIONS is based and which constitute fundamental elements of our culture, are structured under two levels:

A. Business Excellence
“We strive to relentlessly improve the quality of our services and be innovative, in order to achieve an excellent business outcome”
• Commitment to our Customers and satisfaction of their expectations and needs
• Specialization and innovation in providing services in our Areas of activity
• High quality and continuous improvement of the services provided
• Reliability in providing our services and maintaining long-term Relationships & Collaborations with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

B. Human Capital
“Our success is based on our people.”
• Ethics & Integrity
• Trust
• Professionalism
• Team Spirit
• Passion for our work


We are determined to be among the best and most competitive companies in Greece in our Business Sector and the first choice of our customers, ensuring our business success and sustainable development. Our mission is to provide a complete and innovative set of services consistent with the highest performance standards, always in line with the individual and specific needs of each customer.

The operation of the company is based on Business Excellence and its People. Our business practices are determined by the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility and our contribution to people and the environment. Every activity of ours is based on ethics, integrity, trust, professionalism, team spirit and passion … just like our people.