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We have a long experience in customs clearance. More specifically, since 1959, when Mr. Demosthenes Leonidou, active agent and pioneer in customs procedures, identified the needs, established the rights and supported the future favorable developments concerning the import, export and transportation of products, set the basis for Deskot Solutions of today. Today, Deskot Solutions takes under consideration the Clients needs and responds to the market trends, providing services far beyond the sense and procedure of traditional customs clearance. Nowadays, we ensure the design, organization, implementation and monitoring in the most credible way for the uneventful functioning of each task and stage required for customs clearance.

Within this frame, and on behalf of our Clients, we implement relevant services: From the order issue and the corresponding import / export invoice, along with the approvals, quotas & bans in accordance with the applicable national and European legislation to the delivery of the imported and exported products to the final consignee. Deskot Solutions also manages and undertakes the approval procedure of import permission grant, by the National Medicines Organization (EOF).