EQUIPMENT & FACILITIES2021-06-08T18:48:45+00:00

Deskot Solutions maintains and provides the necessary technology infrastructure aiming at supporting its efficient and fruitful operation, as well as the compliance of the products it transports and the services it provides both with the normative regulations and the customers’ requirements.

In this context, the company has a modern IT infrastructure that supports the efficient and reliable provision of its services. The development of customized IT systems and services—such as CTI and Ticketing—provides a sophisticated and highly available environment for IT infrastructure. High-end technologies such as IP telephony, Web 2.0 applications and software, continuous (24×7) system and service monitoring, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and customized software for monitoring temperature and humidity during product transportation have been installed.

In particular, Deskot Solutions, in order to support one of its core business activities, call center, which is one of its main activities, has a fully-developed Voiceover IP Call Center capable of serving up to 100 lines and 30 simultaneous incoming calls (capacity up to 90 simultaneous calls).

It also has a special vehicle for the transportation of medicines, which is equipped with all the necessary systems for the safe transportation of fragile products / medicines, such as IoT devices for monitoring the temperature and humidity of the vehicle’s refrigeration cabinet.

Deskot Solutions is housed in a modern and fully-equipped building, constructed according to the modern specifications for professional use, also meeting requirements for efficient environmental management, and has all the modern security systems (infrastructure for UPS installation, WC for people with disabilities, medium voltage private substation, infrastructure for 900KVA generator installation, alarm system, CCTV, voice announcement system, building energy management system (BEMS), etc.